Ithacans step into the studios of local artists

  • The Ithaca Art Trail features the studios of 30 local artists.
  • The studios are free to visit, and engaging with the artists is encouraged.
  • Two of the artists on the trail are Dede Hatch, and Barbara Mink. 

Dede Hatch

Dede Hatch was introduced to photography by her father, who was in the military. He used photography to document his travels. Living in Hawaii for a few years was another catalyst for her photography.

Hatch enjoys taking pictures of all kinds of subjects, and she finds it difficult to categorize herself as one type of photographer.

“I’m just drawn to things that I see that might have interesting light, just sort of everyday ordinary whats in front of me events,” says Hatch who works out of her studio in an old factory building on Dey Street in Ithaca.

Nature, streams of light, and her dog are all frequently portrayed in her pictures.

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